Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Stereo Typical African American Woman

An Stereo Typical African American Woman

Are our feelings    and   views   towards   a   race; are   being influenced    by the   educational testing system?  Years ago the testing   system was thought have unfair   questions   for black    inner   city youths. Now  some   questions  on   English  and  SAT examines,  are  placing   African  American   women  in  stereo typical  categories of  what   one   is  defining,  as  the   attitude  and the   intellect  of  the  African American woman.
In one  particular question, it is  asking  to define  the word “doos”, which means  an stupid   person, in   the    South African English Language? This    testing is    asking    for the   same    answer as is defined, in the   South African English Language. Under the choices for an answer, one of them is “black woman, negress”.  It is    putting the black woman in the possible category of “doos” (stupid person).  To  be    even  listed  as   that   possible  definition , is  very  demeaning to  the  African  American  woman or  black   women in general . The  word  “doos “  can also be   defined,   as an  vulgar  person; causing   additional  racial profiling; causing one to believe that   black  and  female,  have  an  negative   attitude  or   is vulgar. This  is   being   conveyed as ; any  behavior from black women appear to be an stereo typical “doos”.. 
African American  children began  to  believe these   very  negative   images  o f  themselves  and their  mother ;  as    if  the  African American  mother   is  an    negress  that  do not    have the    capability  to    hold   an  intellectual   thought , with an  very   nasty    attitude..  Are whites  sending  an  negative  message  to the world   about     black   women ?  And is  there  such  thing  as a  “ An Stereo Typical African American Woman”? If   so  who is  she?

What  are  your   thoughts?

Alfreda Howard

This is the  actual Test Question


black woman, negress
The surviving member of a married couple after one or the other has died; a widow or widower
stupid person
Any poem or short written piece composed in the style of Theocritus's short pastoral poems, the Idylls.

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