Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Son’s of Man

The  Son’s of Man
There  have  been    much  speculation   in  the   African  American  Community;  surrounding   Presidents  Obama’s conduct  in   office. Many  African  Americans  feel  that  President  Obama’s  is   not  living  up  to    what   he    had  promised   to  the    people   of  the     United  State.   I   have   witness  very  negative   things sad  about Obama, such   as   “he   is  an  puppet” , he is  an  “Uncle  Tom” etc.  However, I  understand  the   frustration  the  black   community   is  having towards  Obama  and   his   administration. After  all   Barack Obama  is   African  American,  and  was   made presidents  with a lot  of  black  votes.  So, in   return  many  blacks   expect ,   President Obama  to take  away   the   past   and  present   oppression  of the black   race  abruptly.  
For one  thing, no one   can  take  away  the  past   oppression   of the   African American   people; we   cannot   change  the  past ;  but  we  can  shape the  future  for  an   better  people , and for the better of “generation to  come “. In  order  for  this  to  be achieved , blacks  are needing  more  jobs ,  money   for  education ,and  desperately  need  ownership   of  their   own   homes. There  is  an  process   that   must  be   established,  an  order  to  gain an positive change . African  American   been  waiting  many  years  for this   change  to  come ; and  is  now weary . However, change   cannot  be  done   in  one  term;  President  Obama   must  do  an    second  term   in   office   in  order for  Americans   to   receive  positive  results  for  change  in the USA.  More  support   is  needed, from  the  black community ; for   President Obama plan  to come into  full affect.  I  half  to    admit;  the   election    of  President  Obama ; have   been  an  negative   impact  on  me  here in the  south;  but,  this   is    at  no   fault   of   President Obama; there is  a lot of  whites   that   disapprove    with  the  people’s   pick  of   presidencies. Which   caused    more  discrimination  here in   south ; which  caused  more   oppression.  Jobs have  been   created ;  but,   are  still   being  giving   to   the   white  race. Which makes  it  appear,  that  President  Obama   has  not    keep   his  word  to   mankind   here  in the  USA.
The current resolution,   President  Obama had made; that  caused  dismay  in  the  African American Community , is  the   War in  Libya.   President  Obama    felt  that    it  is  an great  need,   to  intervene    to   help   the    people   of   Libya; for   humanity reason, not    for    the    gain   of   oil. Libyan  Leader  Moammar Gadhafi, have  failed to  take care of  his   people in a humane  manner; which caused President Obama  to  come to  the conclusion ;that war is  an  must. An  witness  in  Libya states “ He (Gadhafi) is  using tanks  and  snipers to  terrorize the city.” This    was    told   by  CNN ; because the  witness   refused to    reveal   their self ;  because of  the fear   of being  terrorized          
Things  are  not  always   what  it  appears to  be  or   what  others   perceive   to  be. We   all  learn from  the environment  in  which we  come  from; but it does not define  us ;it merely  molds  us  to mimic  what we see or  reject  our   surrounding  for  an   better  change. The makings  of man , comes from man. The  “change”  that President Obama have promised  will come, only If we continue to support  his   plan  for   an  better nation , for he is  The Son’s of Man

What are your  thoughts?

Alfreda Howard


  1. Alfreda, what are your concerns, interests, an goals, for A/A Hoods?

  2. @Shaka-What concerns me is how the, African American community view themselves and their position here in the United State ;especially surrounding the African American Woman. How such an great percentage of blacks are being incarcerated ; whom are religious ; I would like to convey to the African American Community, that they have other ways they can live their life. There should be more resources available to the black communities ; the government should make sure that the African American Community is getting their fare share .

  3. the president told us where he was coming form when he said / coined the term "post racial america" His black Skin means nothing, he continues the support of capitalist, imperialist white privlidged america just as his predecessors with white skin have.
    wake up people, the rules have changed,skin color does not matter as much. what matters is if you support this system! (for positions of power)