Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Child's Sin

A Child's  Sin

Is  it   an   child’s   sin   for  being  female ,  is  it  an   child   sin  for   being  beautiful,   is it  an   child    sin for  wearing  makeup ,  and  is   it  an    child’s  sin for  wearing certain   types  of  clothing.    Well,   some  prominent African  American   people  are calling  it  that ;  in the   brutal  rape  of  an   eleven  year    old Hispanic  girl  in   Cleveland,  Texas.  The act     was captured on a cell phone, of one   of the suspect.  The   number of    suspects is planning to    rise   as the    investigation    continues.  On Thursday March 10. 2011; many people in the     community   had   gathered to   discuss their    concerns   on the    current allegations. Surprisingly, the people   whom   were present   were mostly   defending the suspects.  The   meeting   was lead   by   Quanell X, an Activist in the   Black Community. Quanell attention    focused  on  why   only   black    male  was   arrested ;  not the  attack   of  rape  from   black   men    between the  ages of  17 and 27 years old.  Black  woman  as   well  as   Black  man   claimed that    the   11 year    old   put  herself  in  that  predicament;  because   of  her    mannerism and the  way  she  dress.    Blaming the act on what they considered to   be    a Child’s   Sin. 
 Following the   arrest  of the  black  men ; the   11 year  old  girl  mother Maria have  been  receiving  a  lot  of    angry   phone  calls.  The   family   had to   relocate    because of   death threats; while the    11 year     old victim was placed   in a   foster home. 

What are your  thoughts ?
 Alfreda Howard


  1. This is an outrage and all too typical misogynistic response to an act of gender terrorism on a defense-less child. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from both male and female students that women/girls are to blame for sexual violence and terrorism. Thanks for writing about this latest injustice. The interracial nuances are also noteworthy because of the history of black/Latino tension and hostility in the country.

  2. There are men at the penitentiary waiting for these guys to show up. It doesn't a bit of difference if the girl was wear nothing but a belt stuffed with $20 bills, as a minor, even she can't give consent. Unfortunately, misogynistic attitudes are a direct reflection of what black churches teach--male dominance and female subordination. These guys are about to learn a hard and possibly fatal lesson. Molesters of children are not welcome among inmates as rapists of children are often raped themselves or killed, sometimes both. If they are put in isolation, the next is the that happens is offenders are required action is for the prisoner to lean forward until they can lean more and kiss their ass goodbye because in Texas the death penalty awaits chumps like these women haters.